Yeah, Talk Up That RuPaul Interview Some More, People

"Fishy" as some drag synonym for passing as female is an unbelievably misogynist term.
In my youth, I instinctually never bought David Bowie as some guiding light for queerness: his constant insistence it was all theater implied he got to take it off at home and safely go to the supermarket or negotiate his record contracts flaunting the ultimate accessory for success: possession of a white penis.
And then he goes and does the hetero-normative rock-star thing of marrying an impossibly beautiful woman anyway, like all male rock-stars before him. Some commitment to queer transgression there, people.
It's truly cold to tell a group they are too focused on identity and identity politics when the statistically prevalent outcome of medically neglecting their identity issues is suicide. Or to espouse how awesomely self-reliant and strong a gender-bending lifestyle hobby makes you by only counting the survivors.

Bern & Drumpf And Not Listening To The Voter

I get this feeling that the ascendance of Bern and Drumpf are actually the same phenomenon going through different prisms: a very large cohort of people finally waking up to the fact that they are not in the state of being embarrassed by temporary poverty, but are the leftovers of decades of wealth extraction by the 0.1%, and will not reach the standard of living their parents did, under any circumstance. In Bern's case it is young people who realize following the script has left them with an eduaction for jobs that do not exists and undischargeable debt that they will never recover from, preventing them from ever getting housing they couldn't afford anyway; in Drumpf's case it's older white folks realizing that decades of neo-con trickle-down union-busting globalization lies did actually not lead to their promised prosperity but shoved them to a place where they will now suffer at the same rates as the minorities they could always before safely look down on and feel superior to.

The young ones are ready to share and create collective solutions, so for they go for the centrist* candidate who shares their sense of collective responsibility and collective solutions. The middle-aged ones will still not ever vote blue, but flock to the candidate who started his campagn as a promotion for his reality TV shows and just kept going when he realized his complete and utter lack of credentials, sense, and scruples allowed him to tap into the rage and got him massive amounts of what currently in marketing is called "earned media"**.

But in both cases we're looking at people who see no realistic future of prosperity for themselves. And every time an establishment candidate starts a speech about how America has never been any better than now, like Romney did when denouncing Drumpf this week, these voters know they are being lied to (the America they are in is not better to them than it was to their parents) and tune out to the rest of the message. No matter how well Obama did on the economy, it continues to be extractive, with the "sharing economy" (Taskrabbit, Uber) being a codification of it. People will flock to a man too populist and intellectually weak to even be a proper fascist so they can protest-- that is how fed up they are--or awake.

So working through it by writing, I guess Drumpf voters are what happens when a Marxian awakening takes place in a proletariat with no sense of solidarity for, or trust in, each-other.

*Yes, I am European: Sanders is a centrist.
**Exposure paid for not by an advertising budget, but by sharing and repeating.

Reality Trumps

Did... did the Republican establishment actually allow itself to be confronted with the fakeness of the Iraq war? It took 15 years, but did they actually have to engage with the reality-based community? In a debate no less.

Even if it did come from the crazy court jester they can't avoid...

I am with Coquette: it'll be Kaisch. The GOP is not stupid.

Talk About Sex

The One Way You Know You're Having Feminist Sex

As some of you know, people tell me stuff. Which is why I want you to read this.
If you are in a hurry, Ctrl+F to the parts about communication, and especially non-verbal communication. I can not tell you all how many people I have listened to that would have had 70% of their anxiety about sex disappear if they learned to do this. It *is* a leap to communicate about sex; you feel so judged, or open to it. But that is just your shame talking, and good partners WANT you to feel good.

  • Men are trainable. They are. They want to make you happy. Let them know how.

  • Women are sexual too. They are. They totally want it too. But they can't read your mind about what you need.

Seriously, all it takes is usually moving a hand, or a whispered / growled hint.
The other take-away that totally resonates with me: you never have ANY idea what people are really into until they tell you. OMG do we hide our sexual selves well. It's why I like talking about sex: people are so amazing and unexpected when they confide. It's like unwrapping little surprises.